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To Your Body, Mind & Self

Join us at One Yoga & Wellness and reconnect to yourself, through movement, mindset and community.

"I really hope Georgie knows how much her classes mean to a lot of people. Doing Yoga with Georgie has been a life saver for me during this pandemic. It has given me a purpose and brought me a lot of joy."


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One Yoga & Wellness is a community of yoga and wellbeing loving individuals, who come together to reconnect and up level, in their personal and professional life.  Through movement, breathwork, mindset and meditation, you will find a space to step away from the daily grind and come back to your truest self; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Georgie, the founder, offers wholesome, heart-centred yoga flows and restorative, relaxing Yin yoga for all levels.  Meeting you where you are, both on and off the mat, Georgie ensures there is a relaxed and inclusive energy in all her events, whether that is in her signature coaching programme for passionate yoga teachers, group yoga classes, corporate wellbeing, private 1:1 or deeply nourishing retreats and workshops.
Calling Yoga Teachers Looking For More!
New to yoga teaching and no idea of your next steps to get teaching and start your business? Or been teaching for a while and wanting to step up your business game?  Join the next intake of the THRIVE Yoga Teacher Mentorship, designed for you to create a soul-filled life in alignment with what you love!



Deepen your practice through immersive workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings.


Monthly Yin & Meditation Immersion


Yoga & Wellbeing Retreats


THRIVE Yoga Teacher Mentorship


Yoga Tools To Make Your Day The BEST!

Do you want to feel more refreshed, awake, energised, free in your body each morning?  And be able to sleep like a baby at night?

These FREE resources will guide you through the exact practices we use for an energising start and relaxing end to your day to make it the best ever!

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