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COVID Safety

Retreat Protocol

Retreat With Confidence...

It is of utmost importance to us that our retreat guests feel safe when enjoying their time with us. Our retreats aim to create a safe and relaxed environment in which our guests can reconnect with nature, with each other and with themselves. During times of COVID connection is perhaps what we are all lacking on many levels, and what is needed the most! We have worked really hard to make our retreats safe and within guidelines set out by the government. We continue to monitor the situation, and update our safety protocols continually. Find out more below about what we are doing to keep retreats COVID-Safe for our guests.


  • We have updated all retreat health and safety measures so that when you come on retreat with us you feel safe

  • Our retreat team have the most up to date training for a COVID-Safe Retreat

  • We will focus on an increased cleaning protocol and hygiene during our retreats

  • We are reducing group numbers in order to be able to accommodate social distancing, along with increasing the size of our retreat space

  • We promise that our retreat will still feel like an escape and you will still be able to enjoy all that our unique experiences have to offer


We are changing some things at our retreat so we can offer you a safe experience in line with COVID safety guidelines – here are some of the measures for our guests...



  • We will take guests' temperature using an infrared thermometer on arrival and each day on retreat.

  • Guests will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire on arrival, and will be asked to monitor their own symptoms during the retreat. Our health & safety trained team will be able to assist any guest who begins to experience symptoms whilst with us.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to our retreat and we ask that guests use this on arrival and regularly in order to practice good hand hygiene.

  • We will ask guests to wear a face covering / mask whilst in transport to our retreat destinations.

  • We will provide sanitized yoga equipment which will remain yours throughout your stay. We will not share any equipment.  But always suggest bring along your own mat.

  • Each bedroom has it’s own designated bathrooms , and we ask if sharing with another that this is cleaned in between uses.

  • We have reduced our group numbers and increased the size of our retreat space to accommodate social distancing.

  • We have an increased cleaning protocol in place at the retreat houses, and we ask that guests disinfect the bathroom after each and every use - cleaning equipment will be provided for each bathroom.

  • We have a very large space for practicing yoga in which means we can space mats apart at least 1 meter. We have created 'parking spaces' for each guest's mat so you know where to be for the whole duration of your stay.

  • We ask guests to practice physical distancing whilst out on walks or during swim trips.

  • We have set out our dining area plan to accommodate physical distancing during meal times.

  • Each guest will be assigned their own mug, water glass and teaspoon to use for the whole of their stay with us.

  • We ask guests that they bring their own water bottle if they would like to use one.

  • We ask that guests avoid entering the kitchen whilst our team are preparing meals for now.

  • All meals will be plated up by our team, for the time being we won't have buffet-style meals.






How are you increasing hygiene and safety at your retreats?


Our retreat has undergone a comprehensive health and safety risk assessment, and we have subsequently put in place a set of measures to increase cleanliness, good hygiene and overall safety at our retreats. We have an increased cleaning protocol at each of our retreat locations, hand sanitizer is provided for guests to use regularly and our retreat team have been fully briefed on our new health & safety guidelines.



If I am unwell before I am due to travel to the retreat, can I ask for a refund?


If you experience any symptoms or feel at all unwell prior to your retreat with us, please stay at home and contact us to make alternative arrangements. Please refer to our Retreat Booking Terms & Conditions for more information.


What if someone on the retreat becomes ill?

If any guest begins to experience symptoms of COVID-19 while on retreat with us, we will provide assistance to get medical care swiftly. We will follow current guidelines with regards to whether or not a test is required, and whether the guest needs to self-isolate. In the case that COVID-19 is confirmed, we will put into place our protocols for health and safety including informing local authorities where required for test & trace purposes, disinfecting of common areas and transport and providing support and assistance to the guest who needs to self-isolate away from the retreat house. Please be aware that although we will provide support where we are able to, any guest who needs to self-isolate due to illness will be responsible for expenses related to testing, treatment and self-isolation.



Will I need to wear a mask?

We continue to keep up to date with government guidelines and legislation regarding COVID-19. We will ask you to wear a mask where required by law - including in our transport and in shops.



Do I need to bring hand gel?

We will provide adequate hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap at our retreat, but you may of course want to bring your own hand gel if you would like to.



Can I still come to the retreat as a solo traveller?

Yes, most of our retreat guests are traveling by themselves. We are putting health & safety measures in place at our retreat to ensure that guests from different households can share the retreat in a safe way.



How are you implementing social distancing?

We have reduced group numbers to be in line with current government guidelines and legislation, and we have increased the size of our retreat space in order to accommodate for social distancing. In the yoga room we have set out 'parking spaces' for mats so that they remain at the correct distance from each other. At meal times we have designated dining plans to keep social distancing in place. We ask that guests practice social distancing in all situations for the duration of our retreat.


If you have any further questions at all regarding our COVID-Safe Retreats please Contact Us Here and we will be happy to help you!


Georgie and the One Yoga & Wellness Retreat Team x

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