New Year, New You vs. New Year, Same Perfect You!

Happy New Year Beauties! I hope you have all had a great and are ready for all the magic 2021 will bring.

Every year we see people setting resolutions around this time and each year I tend not to join in on this annual custom, where at the moment the clock strikes midnight on the 1st January, suddenly I believe (hope) I’m going to transform into a new person, with more dedication, discipline and motivation to see these ones through. Because in all honesty, I know from my experience my mind does not work like that. So why waste my time and energy taking the wrong approach?

We hear this saying around January ‘New Year, New You’ being thrown about and quite frankly, I call bullsh*t on the whole thing because you are still the same wonderful and beautiful self you were before that difference of a second in time saying we are in a new year, so everything will be different.

If you are someone who loves setting goals and creating new habits around this time, then that’s great, go for it! And I would love to hear where you are planning on taking yourself this year! But for those of you who do not have the motivation or inclination to want to pursue new goals, create new resolutions or habits, then I hear you. Whichever side you are pulled to, honour that and allow yourself to be with what that means for you.

And remember to BREATHE! **Time for a DEEP inhale and BIG sigh out!**