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For Yoga Teachers & Practitioners who are ready to lead, teach and transform
people's lives.

Welcome to the

You're here because you have gotten a taste of the beauty and depth that Yin Yoga has to offer and the transformation you have experienced in your own body, mind and heart and you are ready for MORE.

You know there is more to Yin Yoga than a series of long held poses.  You know there is an energetic wisdom that is stored in the body which Yin Yoga can help you unlock and live through.

And now you are ready to develop your own knowledge of the practice and even take this into leading others into their own embodied transformation.

Sounding good so far?
Lemme show you more
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These 40hr Embodied Yin Yoga Pathway trainings are not like any other teacher training.

They are here for those that have fallen in love with Yin Yoga and want more....

↠  Who want to deepen their knowledge of this sacred practice and inner body wisdom, even if they do not think they will want to teach.

↠  Who are wanting a high touch, intimate container to be led through their own embodiment experience.

↠  Who are ready to unlock their unique teaching style and voice to teach with authenticity and integrity.

↠  Who are ready to lead others and elevate everyone around them with their unique and inherent gifts.



Become the Teacher
You will learn how to embody the Yin Way to lead with authenticity and fully step into the role as the Teacher.  Learning to work with your nervous system and body's deep wisdom, not against it.

Master Your Unique Magic & The Embodied Yin Yoga Method
You will learn and integrate the techniques to create transformational containers; creative sequencing, empowering intention, holding space.

You will learn to speak your truth, lead from your authentic message and learn how to creatively sequence in a way that creates empowering intention.
03  TRANSFORMATION &                         AMPLIFICATION

Share Your Gifts With The World To Create an Impact
Own your voice, your message, and deliver with unstoppable confidence to create a bigger impact.

Use the pose as the tool to connect into your body.  Not the body as the way to get into the pose... 

... and see how your practice changes.

So, What Will You Learn, Explore & Embody?


These courses have been designed to follow two different pathways;

Pathway One: Anatomy Pathway and Pathway Two: Energetic Pathway,

so you can discover and have the opportunity to dive deep into each subject area.


Most yin yoga teacher trainings offer these in one training so you skim the surface of learning, not allowing for the integration and embodiment level to occur.  The Embodied Method allows for you to choose your pathway without having done the other course first, as similar topics, taught relevant to the pathway subject will give you the foundations of the Yin Yoga practice.

This way you leave feeling ready to teach from a grounded and embodied space.


Intro to Yin Yoga


Explore the history, philosophy and benefits of Yin Yoga.​


Yin Yoga Poses & Practice


​Learn the principles of the Functional yoga approach where you teach the person not the pose.  This is where you will break down each pose and explore the endless variations to hold space for anyone who comes to class. 


Pranayama for Yin Yoga

Learn about the power of the breath for yin yoga, nervous system regulation and how to deepen the yin yoga experience through breathwork and the Breath Energetic Flow.

Embodiment Practice


​Learn to embody the yin yoga practice and take it off the mat through experiential practices.

Teaching Yin Yoga


​Learn how to hold space for the person not the pose and be able to embody the inner teacher within.  You will explore and embody skills in creative and intelligent sequencing and theming, adjustments, holding space and using your voice in your own unique way to lead the class through a transformational session.

You will also explore pregnancy yin yoga considerations and prop usage to meet everyone where they are.


Functional Anatomy for Yin Yoga


​Develop a deep knowledge of the function of fascia and the role of osteokinematics and skeletal variations in yin yoga.


Learn the 14/10/7 Model to apply to any class for a functional teaching approach​.

Sequencing for Anatomical Target Areas


Learn to intelligently sequence for the different target areas of the body.

Anatomy of the Nervous System and it's Role in Yin Yoga


​Explore the role of the nervous system, how to regulate it and it's response within Yin yoga.


You will explore how trauma can play a massive part in nervous system regulation and ways to support each individual within their own space. 


Intro to Meridian Theory


Explore the 12 main meridian lines and Qi (energetic) flow and how Yin Yoga can play a huge role in connecting to your Qi flow.

Sequencing for Five Elements and Meridian Theory


Learn to intelligently sequence for the five elements.

Five Elemental Theory based on TCM


​Explore the 5 Elemental Theory based on TCM. 


Learn in depth the different elements, their energetic behaviours and how you can support your energy as you move through each season/element.

Want to head straight to investment information?

In this immersive experience you will..

↠  Be taken to the depths of your edge and unlock your unique gifts as the exquisite teacher I know you are. 


↠  Be guided from the inside out, to move through the embodiment and exploration of your own body, mind and heart.


↠  Be lead to unearth your body's wisdom and explore your own edge and depth, working with the nervous system to create a safe space for the transformation to unfold.



This is not a sit down and grab your pen kinda course where you are talked at and given information a heap of info and no time to integrate it.

You will learn through the exploration of your own body, teaching from Day 1 in small groups to build confidence in using your voice and the language of Yin.


This course is not here to just teach you the poses, the cues, and deliver a class like every other teacher.


It is here to support you in unearthing your own individual approach to teaching and to create unique, transformative containers for your students and clients to fully drop into.


To create spell-binding sequences and energetically activated spaces that people keep coming back to.


Hi Beauty

I'm Georgina Rose.

Your Teacher Trainer,


Embodied Leader,

and Guide

My passion is to support and empower yoga teachers, aspiring and established, to find their unique voice and way of being to hold space for their community in their most authentic and powerful way.  I am here to initiate the ripple effect of transformation on and off the mat and cannot wait to work with you to ignite your inner light and support you to become the best teacher you can be.

Words of Appreciation

"Working and learning with Georgie is something that I really enjoy, as this is my second yoga teacher training with her.  The level of detail given in the content of the lectures, workshops and sessions, the knowledge Georgie openly shares, whether it is on the subject on hand or something else is phenomenal.  It has really helped me to expand and deepen my knowledge, so I feel so much more confident and ready to teach from a grounded space of knowing."

Annelie, March 2022 Yin Yoga Teacher Training


ARE YOU Ready?

To embody the yin way and take the next steps into your embodiment & teaching journey?


Energetics Pathway

**11/10 - 15/10/2023**

Your Investment


*Payment Plans Available
Price per pathway
  • Do I need to be a teacher to join the Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher Training?
    Not at all! You do not need to be a teacher to attend the course. All you need is an open mind and passion for learning more about the subject to participate. Half of the students who have previously gone through this program attended for their own personal learning and not to teach. This will develop your practice massively, so I highly recommend if you are looking to deeper your knowledge and awareness of yin yoga to join the course.
  • How much experience do I need to take part in the YTT?
    A genuine interest into the subject and your personal development is all you need.
  • Will I be a fully qualified Yin Yoga Teacher at the end of the course?
    Yes, you will be a 40hr Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher. To be able to teach in the UK you do not need to meet any professional standards, but it is good practice to ensure that you have insurance. To be able to obtain insurance, you are required to have completed a 200 hour foundation yoga training, however the founder of Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley states that you do not need to meet any standards to teach Yin Yoga.
  • Does this course count towards CPD hours?
    Yes, as a YACEP Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance (US/Int) you will receive 40 hours Continuing Education hours towards your training hours.
  • What does the course include?
    The course includes: - 40 hours study time diving deep in the Embodied Yin Yoga Method. - 70+ page printed manual to support your learning. - 3 months ongoing mentorship after the course. - Alumni Facebook group for all OYW course alumni to ask questions and support one another in your teacher journeys. - Referral Scheme for alumni students.
  • Is there a payment plan option?
    Yes! There are different payment plans depending on your current situation, with 2 and 3 month options to spread out the cost.
  • How many people will be on the course?
    The course will be limited to 10 people maximum to ensure that everyone receives the best level of support throughout the program.
  • What does the schedule look like?
    The course is spread over 5 consecutive days (see dates above) to allow you to fully drop into the course subject and allow you to deepen your practice and skills. On the course, each day will vary with the schedule, it will include various workshops, practical sessions, asana labs and teaching practice. Please see a example YTT day below: 9:30am Arrival & Intention Setting 9:45am Workshop 11:15am Asana Lab 12:30pm Lunch & Self Study 1:30pm Workshop 3:00pm Teaching Practice & Group Work 4:00pm Embodiment Practice Session 5:30pm Finish
  • Do I need to have completed Pathway One before doing Pathway Two?
    No, the courses have been designed to stand on their own, but support one another to develop the full scope of the subject matter. You can start with either pathway depending on the subject you would like develop your knowledge of.


If you have any further questions that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More Words of Appreciation

"I loved the asana labs, learning about the different poses, not only seeing the different variations, with a variety of body types, but getting to feel how they felt through the embodiment practices ourselves and trying out what felt best in our own body, depending on the different target areas we were working on.  As I am doing and watching it helps to prompt new cues and supports my teaching to support the person and not just be teaching the pose."

March 2022 Yin Yoga Teacher Training


If you feel called to join the Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher Training
your space is here waiting.

Got some questions?
Reach out to us

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