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Why do a Yin Yoga Teacher Training, if I do not want to teach/are not already a trained teacher?

Great question!

And I can start this off by saying the simplest answer is FOR YOU!

I get asked when talking about my yin teacher training; why would I do teacher training if I am not interested in teaching? Well, here are 7 reasons why the Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher Training experience is more than just learning how to teach people a bunch of poses.

To deepen your connection to an embodied practice

Practise, Practise, Practise.

Teacher training is the ultimate immersion into learning all about the yin yoga practice. Through weaving the theory with the practical, you get to take this journey through the different spaces of learning so it becomes a part of your practice.

When I journeyed off to India to complete my first teacher training, I had decided to do the teacher training as a way to deepen my own practice as I had originally wanted to spend some time in an ashram, and it was more expensive for me to take that option than to complete my full 200hr teacher training. This seemed mad to me, but it began my teaching journey, even though when I signed up, it was just connecting deeper to my practice and expanding my knowledge in a traditional setting. And over half of the people on the course were not there with the intention to teach afterwards but to go on an internal journey for themselves. So the teacher training container is sacred, through learning to read others bodies and hold space for others, you learn how to hold space for yourself deepening your connection to your own practice.

To uncover your own inner strength and resilience through nervous system regulation both on and off the mat.

Through sensation you learn to read the body’s messages and wisdom. Yin yoga, working at a slow pace, supports this and in the intensive embodied yin yoga teacher training container, you will delve deeply into this space to support that learning on a cellular level, which might take you years to develop in your general practice. It is amazing as you learn about the body, your energy and its pathways, how your body’s wisdom gets unlocked. Your mind is finally open to allowing this connection to flow, which supports you in connecting to your own inner strength, and understanding what your mind, heart and body have been capable of all along. It will offer you support through times of stress and adversity, helping to build resilience by playing with the edge of learning and practice. You never know how much you can handle until you are given more, and usually it always surprises you how much is available. The yin yoga teacher training and practices weaved into the training are designed to guide you through this process, unlocking that inner strength and resilience within.

To support healing trauma and move through emotional baggage with more ease and grace.

This has been the biggest teacher for me - to connect with my nervous system for the deepest healing. I have had my fair share of trauma and it never ceases to amaze me the more I learn about trauma and the more training I do, I always come back to the yin practice as it encompasses all the values, all the techniques to support deeper healing to occur in the body.

Yin is all about allowing the body to lead. Our trauma and emotions are stored in the body, so when you let the mind (ego) rest back and take a back seat, the innate body’s wisdom gets to come through and heal. You learn all about this in the training and how to work with the nervous system to support your body’s optimal state and response through the physical poses and breathwork.

To create boundaries, and learn to step into your own radical self-responsibility to hold space for both yourself and others with more compassion and groundedness.

Holding space for others requires a certain level of energetic, physical, mental and emotional boundaries. This ensures you are able to hold the space with neutrality and compassion to allow others to journey through their own experience and not take on others energy as your own.

Sometimes in our lives this is something that we can struggle with where there is transference and we are oftentimes holding space for others and not receiving the same support back. There is an imbalance. Within the yin teacher training you are taught the importance of creating these boundaries and what it means to step up into your own self-responsibility, as this is what calls others into their own transformation into their healing. You can only take others as far as you have gone yourself, so when we lean into this personal development work, we get to hold space for others both on and off the mat.

This is certainly one of the areas of the training where people have shared it has impacted their life the most, in a positive way.

Connect with more like minded people also on this journey.

Community and connection is one of the biggest necessities when it comes to healing and moving along any spiritual journey. For those deeper parts of you that are unearthed to be seen and held by others who are facing the same things. This supportive network that you build through the teacher training space can sometimes last lifetimes and how beautiful is that. We are all just walking each other home, so why not connect with people who are on a similar pathway and can hold that space for you as you need it.

To connect to your voice and let it be heard.

How many times have you felt yourself being shut down and not heard, or what you have to say is received well by others. One of the biggest things in the yoga teacher training is around compassionate communication and listening. Yin yoga teaches us the importance to observe and listen first, let the body speak its truth, and in the training you will get to explore this inner voice building confidence in that listening and then witness as this is transferred and ignites your outer voice to be heard and seen. In the training we offer you to practise from day one in small supportive groups this practice of using your voice in an open and receptive space, where no question is silly, no view is pushed away. Everyone’s voice is known and valid in this space, to support those parts of you who have felt they have needed to be hidden for so long.

To build your confidence

From day one you offered in depth, applicable information which you will take on and off the mat to support you building your confidence. You cannot take someone where you have not yet been. You are also offered the chance to teach many times in different settings, from partnered 1:1, to small groups, to teaching together collaboratively. This helps to build your confidence in teaching, using your voice, allowing yourself to be seen and getting to know the subject matter more. They say if you really want to learn something fully and to embody it is to teach it to someone. So we instil that philosophy by allowing space for that to occur.


If you feel called to explore these deeper parts of you, where you get to step up into that most awakened version of yourself, fully connected into your energetic, yin side, then follow the link below to join our next group.

Enrolment is now open!

We begin 11th-15th October for an immersive, embodied experience into yin yoga and the energetics of yin.

Full details of the course can be found in the link and I cannot wait to lead this space for you to have your biggest upleveling yet. I look forward to meeting you on the mat if you feel called!

If you are ready to book your spot, click the link below. Payment plans are available to make it more accessible.


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