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Your Wild Self Is Waiting...

Rediscover & reconnect to your wild parts,
the parts of you that you have hidden away,
the parts that are waiting to be unearthed,
that have longed to be loved and celebrated.

The ReWILD retreat series is a transformational journey which brings you back to all the parts of you that you have thought couldn't take up space in this world.  You will be guided through a journey of reconnection back to self, back to nature, to unearth and peel away the layers of limiting beliefs, programs and conditioning, and heal on multiple levels.

The ReWILDING practice encompasses connection to nature, a loving community, somatic & embodiment practices, breathwork, cacao & fire ceremony, sound & energy healing to guide you back to your authentic self.  This immersive space will be held deeply intuitively, and perhaps all or only some of these practices will be invited in.  This is the approach of the ReWILDING Way.


It will be a journey into the self and allowing the medicine of community and ritual to guide you back to your wild, authentic self.

Each day has been created as a standalone immersion, to offer a deep transformation.

If you are ready to commit to your journey, you can drop into all three spirals to journey through the year together.  Full details below.


As you listen, hear the whispers of the soul, this is where your wildest self resides.

Are you ready to hear its call?

ReWILD Retreat Series


Leaning into the energies of Summer, this day will lovingly walk you into the energy of remembrance. 

You will be guided into a space to awaken and reconnect to what truly lies within your heart,

a remembrance of all of who you are within.

To shed the expectations, the ideas that you have taken on from others and the world around you,

re-membering your beautiful self and soul.

Move, Breathe, Commune with yourself and other beautiful souls walking this path into your Remembrance.

Future Dates



LOCATION:  Namaste Yoga Barn, Ideford

Day Retreat Timings:  10am - 5.30pm

(timings subject to change as the day flows) 

Vegetarian Lunch & Snacks are included


*vegan option available upon request


Prices are per person.

Bookings are first come first served and are subject to our booking terms & conditions.


Payment Plans available

please reach out to to discuss

Single Spiral - £130pp

What others
have said..

"That was everything and nothing all at once. 

You really have a gift for holding space"

Immersion  Attendee

DSC09875 (1).jpg

Georgina Rose is a trauma-informed  space holder, energy worker, breathwork facilitator and much more.  She guides transformational spaces from an heart-led intuitive place.  With over 8 years in the industry and walking her own healing journey for over a decade, Georgina Rose brings a wealth of integrated knowledge to walk this path alongside you in your healing journey.


Read more about Georgina Rose and her approach here.

Your Facilitators

Elk & Ether - Sound Healing


Lau is a creative Psychotherapist & Sound Healer living & working in Devon, UK. With experience of working in various health settings as a creative psychotherapist for over 10 years, Lau has also recently trained as a Sound Healer with one of the world’s leading gong practitioners, Sheila Whittaker. Through the use of meditative, creative & grounding practices, Lau creates a safe space for everyone to experience the therapeutic healing power of gongs & sound. 


You can find out more about their work HERE 



Are you ready to sink into a new level of connection to yourself?

Reconnect to the wild spaces within you that have laid dormant?

Have some questions?

Drop Georgina Rose a message on


Do I need to have any experience to join?

Not at all! There will be certain practices that have contraindications, so please email Georgina Rose to see if you might fall under this category. If this is the case, there may be some practices that will have to be adjusted, however, being in the space with others will allow you to still have a deeply transformational experience.

Will there be yoga on this retreat?

This retreat will be held intuitively with what energy is being met in the moment. Therefore some yoga may be a part of the day, however will not be the basis of it.

Can I cancel my spot, if I cannot make it?

Yes, a refund is available within the period as laid out in the Retreat Terms & Conditions

What food will be served?  Do you cater for dietary requirements?

A delicious and local vegetarian menu will be served at lunch time, along with some delicious snacks. And yes, please reach out to if you have any specific dietary requirements/allergies, to discuss any requirements.

Do I need to join the whole series, or can I just join one retreat day?

You can join as many as your like. There is the option to join all three with a discount on each session, or you can join the ones that resonate with you.

I am not sure I can afford it, are there payment plans?

Yes, there are payment plans set up at the booking stage. If these do not match your current circumstances, please reach out to to discuss this further.

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