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34 YEARS - The Lessons Learnt

Today marks the day I have been earth-side for a whole 34 years. And what a day it has been already. I had a lie in, I danced to beautiful music, ate a nourishing breakfast, journaled and allowed words I have been feeling inside of me to flow through. In those words and reflections 34 lessons came to me that have been so profound in changing the course of my life that I had to share them with you..

Here are 34 Lessons (plus a few more) for the 34 Years I have been earth-side which I have learnt and am still integrating, embodying everyday.

So without further ado, let's drop in....

1. It is ok to take your time and move at your own pace.

2. Everyone is worthy, including you, sometimes it just gets forgotten.

3. Finding joy in the moment is key.

4. Let yourself feel it, whatever it is, allow the emotions to flow through, do not repress!

5. Do NOT apologise for how you show up in the moment, it is necessary for your expression.

6. What people think of you and other people's opinions' are none of your business.

7. You get to choose. Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your response, how you show up.

8. Surrender to what surrounds you.

9. Allow the flow to sweep you up and take you.

10. Trust is the biggest lesson.

11. You can do anything you put your mind and body to.

12. Work on your relationship with you first.

13. Overwhelm = the capacity for overflow.

14. Everyone is living out their inner child wounds, so hold people tenderly.

15. Discomfort is just a new edge to meet.

16. Your reality is not universal truth, it is your lensed truth.

17. Your mind is not your master and is not your truth, your body holds this.

18. Connection to self comes first.

19. Open your mind and heart to receive the world as it is, not how you want it to be.

20. Dancing/movement and breathwork is life giving and deeply healing.

21. Sleep is life!

22. How you intentional you begin and end your day can change your life.

23. Follow your path, no one else's.

24. In the words of Gabrielle Bernstein "The Universe Has Your Back".

25.Relinquish the need to always be first, go first and see how the world transforms around you.

26. If you are waiting until you are ready, then you may be waiting a lifetime.

27. There is no such thing as perfect. So love the side of you that wants it to be perfect and be messy instead.

28. Success only comes with failure.

29. Fear highlights the inner strength you hold within.

30. There is always light within the darkness, you just have to open your eyes.

31. Everyday should be about nourishing yourself first in whatever way the body leads.

32. You are nature, so connect to nature around you every moment you can.

33. You will never regret learning and expanding.

34. Keep going, it isn't over yet.

Each of these showed me different lessons, pushed me further than I had been and brought be back home to myself. And as is with me, I kept writing and found there were a few more that I wanted to share.

35. It is ok to close the door and say goodbye.

36. It is ok to take a break and rest.

37. Your body is the most sacred place you will ever be. It is home. This is not found externally in places or people. It is within you.

38. Everything is feeding your growth.

39. I am pure abundance, only my conditioning made me forget.

40. You are not meant to live in a box. Freedom is on the other side of the box.

41. You are always where you need to be, where you are meant to be, even if it is uncomfortable. There are lessons here too.

42. Don't make decisions in the depths of the emotional wave.

43. Safety is an internal journey not sought from the external world. You have everything inside of you that you need.

44. Triggers are not enemies, they are teachers.

45. Drink more water. It has magic powers to cleanse, wash through what is stagnant, switches on the brain to move out of fog and move into clarity.

46. Your emotions and allowing yourself to feel are your superpowers.

47. Peace is available all the time.

48. Be authentic to yourself. It is the only way to find true happiness in your life.

49. Let your body lead and your mind follow. *Teachings from the beautiful Victoria Washington.

50. Let go of attachments to outcomes.

Some of these may resonate with you, you may feel them deeply in yourself, they may trigger you and make you feel really uncomfortable. You may read this and think what a bunch of b$%lsh*t and that is a good thing. Look at that. Let yourself be led by the triggers and what do they highlight for you? On the flip side, which one(s) resonated most with you?

I'd love to hear! Drop it in the comments below.

Want to try this yourself? It is super simple.

Grab some paper and a pen, write the numbers of your age down the side of the page and see what flows. This took a couple of sittings for me, but when I begun it moved through me. Reflect, meditate and breathe into what comes up and see what lessons you have learnt that maybe your mind forgot but your body remembered.


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